Walls, Walkways & Patios

Truesdale can help you with your hardscaping needs from masonry (wet laid) to pavers (dry laid), Truesdale designs and installs to each client’s individual taste and uses the proper construction specifications for each product. There is a numerous amount of different material from which you can choose. Bluestone, brick and concrete pavers are just a few. Each of these materials has its own characteristics and texture different from the other. One of them will surely suit your taste. With each patio, drainage needs to be considered. Truesdale installs the drainage system simultaneously with your patio. Installation of your patio can be done any time of the year. We are a licensed and fully insured company.

At Truesdale, you’ll also find a wide selection of wall stone which can add to any natural setting and create a unique visual quality for your home. There’s plenty of design flexibility with a variety of patterns and sizes. From modern to old world appearances, we stock a broad array of colors and texture options. All of our durable, virtually maintenance free stone is both easy and fast to install. Whether graceful curves, half circles, swaying or fan shaped formations, Truesdale has the design to compliment any landscape. All retaining walls require a drainage system to protect your property and ensure the longevity of the wall.
For any size job – from small curbs, patios and walkways, to large courtyards, driveways and terraces – the possibilities are unlimited. So, for a great look without compromising strength and integrity, ask your Truesdale professional to suggest options that are best suited for your home and budget.


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