The Process of Lawn Core Aeration and Overseeding

01 Aug The Process of Lawn Core Aeration and Overseeding

Core Aerator

With this summer’s cruel heat, lawns are taking a major hit. To keep your lawn looking beautiful, lush and green, core aeration, a process highly recommended by industry professionals, may be necessary to revive a stressed out lawn. The process essentially provides the lawn roots and soil with oxygen that will stimulate healthy growth by:

• Improving water infiltration
• Loosening compacted soil
• Increasing oxygen to roots
• Improving nutrient availability
• Stimulating root growth
• Reducing thatch

Culprits of a Dry Lawn

Foot traffic will compact the soil over time, this squeezing of soil chokes the lawn and it becomes starved for water, nutrients and air. Any lawn that receives a high amount of foot traffic is most at risk of depleting the root systems essential nutrients. Dry heat and insufficient watering can also stress a lawn. Depleted moisture levels over a long period of time will surely cause a lawn to have a scorched earth look and feel.

The Process of Core Aeration

Core aeration is mechanical processes performed in the late summer or early fall. The process removes plugs of soil from the ground and leaves them on the surface of the turf. These holes allow the roots to breathe receive air and water and immediately stimulates root growth. The plugs themselves contain microorganisms that will feed on the organic matter and aid in the prevention of soil compaction. It’s not the prettiest sight but after a couple of weeks your lawn will regain its health and look – your property will be completely transformed.

Over-Seeding Option

It’s highly recommended to use the small holes created by core aeration to your advantage and over-seed the lawn immediately after any core aeration is performed. This will eliminate any bare spots, revitalize grass growth and implement new disease and bug resistant grass.

After Care for Recently Aerated Lawns

After aerating a lawn, continue giving the lawn one inch of water twice a week. Also, do not cut the lawn for two week. Aerating your lawn at the right time with the proper equipment can ensure that you have a beautiful yard, every season of the year.

The Result

Core aeration will give your property a second chance after being affected by the harsh climate or other environmental factors. Core aerating your property is an important step to ensuring your lawn has a beautiful and long lasting life. Truesdale Landscape Services will make sure your lawn is aerated at the right time of year and with the best care. We have professional equipment and expertise that will provide your lawn with all of the essential support it needs.

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Keep These Tips in Mind

• If dealing with newly planted lawns, wait at least a year to aerate so that the grass is well established.
• Avoid aerating during drought or high heat. Aerating in these conditions, will stress the lawn by allowing the soil to dry.
• Aeration can spread weed seeds and portions of weedy roots so make sure to control weeds before beginning to aerate.
• Aerate prior to fertilizing or reseeding your lawn because aeration creates openings for nutrients and seed to penetrate soil.