Perennials That Pop

05 Jul Perennials That Pop


Now that summer is in full bloom, perennial gardens are starting to pop! This is the time perennial gardens take center stage with vibrant, long lasting flowers that can handle the summertime heat. The key to a perfect perennial garden is balancing color and size. The more colorful and vibrant your flowers are the more noticeable they will be. Truesdale Landscape Services can provide a perennial garden that will be planted with tender care and precision. Types of perennial gardens include: pool scape, patio scape, and every day scape garden that flourish during the summertime. 



Poolside Perennials

The Hogan residence, pictured above left, is a beautiful example of what a thriving poolside perennial garden should consist of:
-Coreopsis Lilies
-Shasta Daisies
-Salvia plants

The hydrangea bush adds a touch of elegance to the area as well. Not only is this family able to enjoy their beautiful pool during the summer days but they also get to enjoy the gorgeous blooming flowers and shrubs which are planted around it.

Every Day Perennial Gardens

Everyday perennial gardens can make a property look like something straight out of a magazine. The Dinizo residence has let their perennials transform the yard into a colorful oasis. Although in every perennial garden, you want to have plants that are meant to flower for fall, spring and summer, summer is the time where perennial gardens start to really catch the eye. Some plants that endure the summertime climate very well are:
-Shasta Daisies
-Asiatic Lilies
-Coreopsis Moonbeam
-Beebomb flowers

Blacked-eyed Susans and day lilies also are very common in summer perennial gardens. Truesdale master gardener, Linda Dinizo mixes catmint in with her flowers to spice up the garden. Perennial gardens can work with either shade or sun depending on the flowers. Whatever your preference, Truesdale can plant a garden that will bloom throughout the seasons!

Patio Perennials

The Delmauro residence showcases a patio perennial garden. When dealing with perennial gardens like this one, it is best to plant them in height order so that the tall plants are towards the back and the small flowering plants are in the front. For the best outcome, the flowers should be planted in clumps so that it’s an eye pop full of color. As you can see, this is a great way to create privacy and offer a warm secluded space to enjoy.

Truesdale offers a wide variety of perennials that can transform your property into your long awaited dream. We have advanced knowledge and expertise dealing with plants; we will make sure that you are satisfied along every step of the way. Our shrub and bed care program involves three yearly visits, one visit per season – spring, summer, and fall. Our crews will make sure your property is cut and cleaned to perfection. We are experts in perennial gardens and would love to give you a show off worthy property.
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