Give Your Backyard A Makeover

18 Mar Give Your Backyard A Makeover

Backyard OasisHow To Step Out Back Into Your Own Personal Oasis

One of the more enjoyable aspects of owning a home is getting to design the landscaping to your liking. As more people are staying home during their warm weather vacation time due to rising travel and gas costs, it’s time to really separate your property into two distinct landscaping entities: the front yard and the backyard.

Generally speaking, the front of your home is more for show. It’s the whole curb appeal thing. You want people to pass by and admire. It’s a source of pride.

The backyard is a whole different subject. This is your private domain, your oasis, the site of your ‘staycation.’ You want to step outside into your backyard, and not have a desire to be anywhere else in the world.

“We’re constantly working with homeowners who can’t believe how a few simple alterations have drastically changed the entire mood of their backyard,” said Ralph Dinizo, President of Truesdale Nursery & Landscape Services of Berkeley Heights, N.J. “It’s a process that’s fun and should be embraced by anyone looking to improve their backyard.

Beginning Your Backyard Beautification

Very simply, first consider your lifestyle before you make any decisions.

Do you want a swimming pool? Do you like to barbeque and entertain? Do you have an adequate deck? Or would you rather have a simple patio?

Consider your available space, your needs and, of course, your budget.

Swimming pools are great, but they’re expensive and time consuming, so consider with caution. Also, plan ahead and realize how many more years your children will be living with you. A pool now may be obsolete in another eight years.

If barbeques and entertaining are a priority, consider starting with the deck, then building your backyard around it. Or if you prefer a more quiet, intimate setting, a patio with nice pavers or stones is ideal.

If you prefer the backyard as a place to read or meditate, explore installation of a pond/waterfall combination, and perhaps even add some Koi fish to the mix. A classy Gazebo or benches also goes well with this.

Take your time and plan thoughtfully with your future needs in mind. And don’t worry too much about the re-sale value (your return on investment) of your home. Chances are if you’re doing something to beautify the exterior of your home, it’s going to reflect in the value of your property.

Adding & Caring For The Greenery

Once your plans are in place, now the really fun and creative part begins: planning the placement of your trees, shrubs, flowers and other greenery.

Here, it’s about getting the most for your money. You can recycle and simply move greenery, and existing topsoil can often be revitalized in a relatively short amount of time at a significantly cheaper price.

Flower beds and mulch are extremely inexpensive and can add the ultimate bang-for-your-buck to your backyard.

Never forget the lawn, as it’s the first thing everyone (including you) notices. If hiring a lawn service company, it’s essential to find a reputable company. Get quotes from several companies. Take your time and make an educated decision. Many of these providers may also bundle other landscaping services into their pricing, so consider each one carefully. Your savings could be significant.

Above all, ask questions of your landscaping professional! They can help you to maximize your budget, while providing a wealth of ideas you’ve likely never considered. You’ll be surprised at what kind of results a collaboration like this can produce.

Most importantly, enjoy the process! This is the fun part of owning a home. There’s a popular saying “the journey is half the fun of getting there.” Remember this when planning your backyard.