Fall Into Spring: What you do now will effect what happens in the Spring

01 Nov Fall Into Spring: What you do now will effect what happens in the Spring

Spring FlowerNovember is a perfect time of year to straighten out your plantings and get the lawn ready for winter; which, in turn, will get it ready for Spring.

As plants begin their dormant cycle, they can be safely dug and replanted. So, look at where your Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Peonies, etc. are currently and decide if this is where you would like them to remain.

Want to add a new tree or shrub to your yard?

This is also a good time of year to add a new tree or shrub to your yard. Fall planting encourages healthy root development and gives the plants a chance to get established before the spring growing season next year.

And, what about your current trees and shrubs?

You should fertilize them before they go dormant to prepare them for the winter and get them ready for the spring. Usually you will want to do this in October and the beginning of November. Taking the time to fertilize in the fall will strengthen your plant roots giving them a strong base on which to thrive next spring. When you have strong roots, you have healthy plants with numerous flowers.

Plants need help, too.

Using an anti-desiccant will help plants from drying out during the long winter months. It is a spray that will aid against moisture loss. We recommend that you do this around the first week in December. Plants can experience debilitating moisture loss during extremes of heat, cold, high winds and in the transplanting process. As the ground freezes, plants are unable to draw up essential moisture, so the leaves begin to sacrifice their stored moisture. Your Lawn Care expert will be able to let you know which plants will benefit the most from this service.

What to do about Deer?

Deer can be very destructive to certain plants and trees. Deer love to eat woody ornamental evergreen trees and shrubs during the winter months. This year, why not protect them with a deer repellent? Truesdale has teamed up with DeerPro™ to offer a way to protect your plants all winter long. According to Glenn Koleda, our Agronomics specialist, “DeerPro™ is the best proven commercial deer repellent on the market!” He recommends you have a professional do it soon to protect your plants and trees for the whole winter. DeerPro™ is not clear; its active ingredient, Thiram, is a white fungicide to which is added a colorant to help it blend in with the shrubs. It does leave a noticeable residue, but it helps to identify where the spray has been applied to make sure your plants are protected. According to DeerPro™, one application now will last until April.

What you do now affects what your yard and garden will look like in the Spring. Call us today at 908-834-2675 to see how Truesdale can help.