Employee of the Year – Vincent Nicolaro

03 Mar Employee of the Year – Vincent Nicolaro

Vinny and FamilyCongratulations to our Foreman, Vincent Nicolaro, for being this year’s “Employee of the Year!”

Vinny has always loved the outdoors and cannot stay inside for long. He loves to see the changes of season and he is an avid ornithologist. Not only does he have an affinity for birds but butterflies, bobcats and bears, also. He mentions that he cannot stay inside and could never sit at a desk all day.

How did it all begin? Vinny has been working in landscaping since he was 14 years old when he started helping his uncle with landscaping and snow removal in Mt. Olive, NJ. That was a start of almost 30 years in this business. And, after courses on Horticulture, seminars at Rutgers, business courses and accredited courses, his knowledge has grown.

When asked what he likes about his job, he said that he likes that every day is different and he appreciates the comradery with the men he works with. And working for Truesdale specifically? Ralph – his commitment, motivation and drives; he appreciates how Ralph really looks out for his guys.

Vinny also mentions that his family fully supports his calling to be a landscaper. In fact, Stephanie, his wife of 13 years, has learned about nature and has become a lover of the outdoors due to Vinny. The picture to the right is Vinny, Stephanie, and their Dalmatian, Cinder.

What do our customers think of Vinny?

“I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge a wonderful employee of Truesdale Nursery. His name is Vinny who oversees the workers that do the maintenance at Wychwood Gardens. Vinny is that “old school” true professional that always pays attention to the details. He communicates with the board members and the homeowners when needed and sees that the job is done right! We are glad to have him–and his professionalism and work ethic has made a difference on our property.” – Debbie Giammarino, Board Member

“We’ve been fortunate to be a Truesdale customer for the past several years and what makes the company truly exceptional is its people. With his thoroughness, knowledge and customer care philosophy, Vinny is the perfect example of what makes Truesdale so outstanding. Congratulations, Vinny – well-deserved!!” – Jessica Dalgliesh

When asked if he had any advice regarding landscaping, Vinny said: “Do not skip maintenance/pruning on your landscape. Even skipping one season makes a difference. It is not good for the plants and it will just wind up costing you more because it will become too overgrown. It is much easier to maintain if you keep up on it.”