Drastic Dry Heat

01 Aug Drastic Dry Heat

Dry Lawn

Plants and lawns have taken a major toll this summer due to the drastic heat waves. The combination of high temperatures and lack of rain this season have been putting properties under a tremendous amount of stress. For those of you who take pride in having a green lush yard you need to double your effort when dealing with this summer’s heat. With the temperatures being as hot as they are, 50 percent of water actually evaporates before it soaks into the ground so watering at the right time for the right amount of is a must. The best thing to do is water early in the morning and/or late in the afternoon when the sun is low. 

When a lawn appears to be straw colored and crispy you should attend to it right away because the growth tends to be stunted. A sure sign that any lawn is suffering will be the appearance of brown spots where the water is not reaching. The easiest solution to keeping your lawn green is sprinklers. If you do not have in ground sprinklers, the generic hose fitting sprinklers work just as well. 

Not only are lawns taking a major hit this summer but so are everyday plants. It can be easy to forget that plants need just as much water as a dry lawn. Not only do newly planted items need to be watched carefully but so do well-established trees and plants. This means that the plants you have had for years and normally never had to worry about are even at risk. If you start to notice your plants yellowing starting from the bottom up, that is a sure sign it is water deprived. Other signs of dehydration are wilting, dropping, and browning leaves. Homeowners in the New Jersey area should be extra concerned if they have evergreens or a Japanese maple on their property because these are especially sensitive to the summer heat and are vulnerable to sun burning. 

Keeping your yard healthy is not a complicated task; the simple fact is your property needs hydration just like every other living species. Watering is an easy job that only takes a short period of time from your day. Leave your sprinklers on 30-40 minutes a day in each spot and you will have a stunning healthy property. It is easy to forget to water but scheduling it into a daily plan will ensure your yard will stay beautiful, even during the driest temperatures.