Designing Your Space

12 Feb Designing Your Space

Since there is not a lot going on in February in regards to landscaping, this is the perfect time to start on ideas of what you want to do when spring arrives.  Start the process now!

Budget – come up with a budget on how much you wish spend on your landscaping this year.  Remember that your landscape adds to the value and beauty of your home.

Decide how long you expect to stay in your home.  Remember that if you are putting your home on the market, Curb Appeal makes a difference.  If you plan on staying in your home for a while, why not invest in the landscape and make it a place you want to surround yourself in. 

What would you want to do with the space you have?  There are so many options: 
  • Foundation beds to add a flare to the house itself. 
  • Privacy screen/hedge from neighbors. 
  • Privacy nook for your own private time of relaxation.  
  • Entertainment options – larger patio, greener/lusher lawn, a “picture” perfect place where everyone would enjoy – think of this as another room in your house.
What added features would you need?  Patio, walkway, wall, drainage?

Once you have worked on these steps, then it is time to decide on the design aspects.  Which plants, pavers, stones, trees, shrubs, annuals, mulch, etc. do you want to use?  What would grow well in the area you have chosen?  Is the area in shade? Does the area get water – is there a sprinkler system?  Is the area too wet? What is the soil in that area like? Realize that these are very important questions to allow your plants to grow. 
Next you should think of seasonal colors.  When designing an area, it isn’t just about how pretty all the plants are but, also, when they will be showing off their spark.  You will probably want to pick plants that “show off” at different times so that there is always seasonal interest.  Find out what plants flower in spring and which will flower in summer.  How will these plants look and react in fall and winter?  Which evergreens might look good in a specific area and how big will they get?
We are hoping that these questions will start you on the path to creating a beautiful yard that you will enjoy throughout the year. 
If you would like assistance, we have landscape design specialists who would be able to assist you.  We recommend scheduling soon so that all will be prepared ahead of time.  In that way, as soon as the warmer weather hits, we can make your designs come to life.