December Customer Appreciation: The Zierolds in Hillsborough

01 Dec December Customer Appreciation: The Zierolds in Hillsborough

The Zierolds

The Zierolds live in Hillsborough, NJ. They had moved into a new development and had us work on their property. In June 2010, Ralph did computer image designs for them and upon approval, he created the landscaping, as per that design. This included the front landscape, walkway and wall.
In 2011, they asked Ralph back to plant a perimeter of trees in the back yard and also hedges. This year, they decided to finish the backyard landscaping and also add a new staircase off the back of the house and a walkway. It was a wandering walkway, using Belgard portage stone in Tan/Charcoal blend.
Were you satisfied with the overall work that Truesdale did?

How did you find working with Ralph?
He was awesome – a man’s man. He tells you right up front what will work and what won’t. He takes your ideas, listens to them, and then turns them into reality. He is very honest. Even after we agreed with the pavers for the back patio and walkway, he had thought about it more and came back with an even better idea. He never stopped thinking about what would look best for our property.  Even after this past storm, Ralph was here in a few days staking up our trees and cleaning up our yard.

How was the office staff?
Paula was very knowledgeable on the phone. She always followed through.

How was the crew?
The crew were very clean, polite and thorough.

Is the end result what you had envisioned?
It was even more than what we had envisioned. We love it!

Is there anything our company couldn’t provide you with?
The only thing was the iron railing, but we needed a custom one and had to go to an iron works place.

How is Truesdale different from other companies you have worked with?
We like that the owner comes out at the start of the job and at each new stage. Ralph actually gets on the machine and works, too. We never felt that he sold the job and was now at the next customer. He continually kept in touch and stopped by during the process.

Any other comments you would like to share?
The computer imaging really helped us get an idea of the final product and that is what sold us. We had originally gotten an estimate from the local landscaper and it looked like everyone else’s in the development. We didn’t want that, we wanted a park like setting and Ralph achieved that for us. Our neighbor used him, too, and we sit on the patio together and say how much we love our patio and landscaping. Ralph did a great job!