Core Aeration and Overseeding

01 Aug Core Aeration and Overseeding

Core AeratorAerating your lawn is important for healthy growth. Over time thatch builds up and soil is compacted which makes it difficult for your lawn to get the oxygen, water and nutrients that it needs. Compacted soil happens for many reasons. A few main reasons are hot weather – which causes the ground to lose moisture, thatch build up and heavy foot traffic.

Overseeding introduces high quality grass seed to your lawn and will help your lawn get thicker and healthier.

What is Core Aeration?

Core Aeration is a mechanical process that removes small “plugs” of your soil and thatch. This loosens the soil and allows for water, oxygen and nutrients to reach the roots. Meanwhile the “plugs,” which contain bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms feed on organic matter and help keep thatch from increasing, will remain on top of your lawn and over several weeks will disappear back into your lawn.

Benefits of Core Aeration for your lawn?
• Stimulates Root Growth
• Improves Water Infiltration
• Loosens Compacted Soil
• Increases Oxygen to the Roots
• Improves Nutrient Availability
• Reduces Thatch

The Best Time for Core Aeration?

Fall is the best time to aerate while the lawn is still actively growing. Earlier time should be chosen for areas in heavy shade and a later time for areas in full sun.

Overseeding is Recommended with Core Aeration

Overseeding will allow you to fill in bare spots, revitalize grass growth and implement new grass varieties that are more resistant to insect and disease problems. Because of the Core Aeration process, the seeds will fall into holes provided which allow them to quickly take root.

Regular maintenance is not always enough, the Core Aeration process can help you avoid costly lawn renovations later on. As Glenn Koleda, our resident Lawn Care Expert says, “A lush healthy lawn begins with a lush healthy root system.” To find out more about what Glenn can recommend for your lawn, call us today for an appointment.