Brown Spots on Lawn – Homeowner Beware

01 Jul Brown Spots on Lawn – Homeowner Beware

brownspotsJuly is a time to truly look at your lawn and watch for fungus and insects. With the strong heat and humid conditions of June and July, fungus will start to grow on your lawn and, if caught early enough, it can be easily controlled. In addition to fungus, this is also the time that preventative measures should be done for insect control.

Fungus is most active at 80-90 degree temperatures when the grass leaves stay wet for a long time. You will notice circular patches on your lawn. If the brown areas get larger, then you know you have a problem. If you catch it before it gets to 9” in diameter, then you might be able to get it under control. If you wait any longer, then it will become more difficult.

How to correct the area? Use a fungicide. But the more important part is – early detection because prevention is easier than curative.

Damaging bugs like the Chinch bug or the Grub are currently lying in wait and it is up to you and your local Lawn Care expert to control this infestation before it begins.

Chinch bugs feed on the sap of the grass plants. They reside in the thatch area and feed on the lower leaf sheaths. Damaged areas start as small, irregular patches which enlarge. They are most damaging in open, sunny areas, starting in July or August.

What to look for:
• Patches of lawn which are mostly circular and that turn yellow then brown
• These patches grow larger
• There is more than 1/2 inch of thatch
• The dead grass does not pull up easily

To control chinch bugs, you will want to spray in late June or early July. This will help prevent any damage they might do to your property.

Grubs also need to be controlled at this time of year or they, too, will destroy your lawn. Once you see the damage done by grubs, it is too late. So the best way to deal with them is to do a preventative control application. You will want to do this in late June or early July before they become adults. The timing of this application is very critical.

Grubs are the larvae of Japanese beetles. They feed on the root system of your grass. When they pupate, they emerge as adult Japanese beetles.

Watch for fungus and, if noticed, have a fungicide applied to your property. Spray for grubs and chinch bugs as a preventative measure so you do not have damage done in the summer. Glenn Koleda, our Lawn Care expert, states that “Lawn care is just like going to the dentist on a regular basis. Preventative maintenance is needed on both for them to remain healthy.”

Call us and we would be happy to take care of your Lawn Care needs. Glenn has extensive knowledge and training and can come discuss the needs of your lawn, trees and shrubs. Email or call us today.