Are You Sure You Know What, When and How To Prune?

26 Jun Are You Sure You Know What, When and How To Prune?

Some people consider the act of pruning, a form of art; and like any masterpiece, the end result is rewarding. Similar to art, there are several different techniques to pruning if you are looking to achieve a certain effect like privacy, windbreaks or even just for a fuller look. Let’s be honest though … it can be quite time consuming and it takes A LOT of patience. While there are no short-cuts to pruning, when done properly (and with the right tools), you will reap all the benefits in due time.  There’s nothing wrong with a temporary fix, but wouldn’t you rather prevent future problems all together?
So let’s get down to the basics!
Plants can usually be pruned after new growth emerges in the spring in order to maintain and control growth. Simply put … the more you prune, the more you will notice any abnormalities and therefore treat them before it is too late. If you want your foliage to look full and healthy, you’ll need to prune anything that is diseased and/or damaged.
Knowing when to prune is often very important, but then again it also depends on the type of plants you own and what is best for them at that time. Think of pruning as one of the answers to most of your plants’ distress if you notice anything irregular. For instance, not pruning before a storm hits can cause more damage than you can believe … not only to your trees or plants, but on your wallet as well. So, bear in mind that pruning properly and regularly often prevents storms from damaging or tearing up your trees or plants tremendously. Really, the best advice we can give is to prune at such a time that will not shock your plant.
Look for:
  •  Awkward limbs
  • Vertical buds from branches (known as water sprouts)
  • Dangling branches, crossing or rubbing branches
  • Insect-infested wood
  • Excess growth

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