June Customer Appreciation

01 Jun June Customer Appreciation

Bertoni 2013

Christine Bertoni sat on her perfectly arranged cast iron furniture petting her labradoodle, Cooper, while explaining to Kathryn and me her history as a Truesdale customer, which has been 18-20 years. She laughs as she explains to us that she’s known Ralph since before we were born. In fact, she has been a customer of Truesdale before we were even Truesdale. Christine has used Truesdale’s services on two different properties for so many years that we felt it necessary to thank her for her loyalty and offer her a gift as a token of our appreciation.
The Bertoni family spends a lot of time in the backyard enjoying the flagstone patio which is surrounded by a luscious lawn, flowering azaleas, and rhododendron bushes. It’s a perfect oasis, which Truesdale designed and installed last fall. The property includes an intricate drainage system which keeps the yard from flooding. “Ralph is crazy about water and does everything he can to keep it away. During hurricane Irene, we had no flooding issues!” boasts Christine.When asked what she loves the most about Truesdale, Christine claims, “I love the turn around, how fast this company gets the job done.”

Ralph’s philosophy is simple: when his crew begins to work at a location, they will work from first thing in the morning well into the evening or even through weekends to complete the job. At Truesdale, we never spread ourselves thin with too many ongoing projects; this is the reason many customers have to wait for us to even begin our work. We can assure you, it’s worth the wait because we will give every customer and every project the time and attention it deserves. We will also work with dedication to complete any of our projects in a timely and professional manner.

Christine’s least favorite thing about Truesdale is explained with a chuckle. She yells, “The prices!” She then explains, “I am just kidding, this is much more than a lawn care service. Truesdale goes above and beyond. The level of expertise that comes with this company is why I completely trust whatever Ralph wants to do.”

Now that the landscape installation is complete the Bertoni property receives our three times a year shrub and bed program, our tree and shrub program and our annual applications of premium lawn care services. These services guarantee the property looks amazing. Truesdale is proud to have such a wonderful customer and we whole heartedly thank Christine for her business and loyalty over the years.